Best Dehumidifiers

Keeping your home environment comfortable is of the utmost importance, and we go to great lengths to assure we can truly relax at home. That includes making sure we have the right furniture, the electronics we want for entertainment, and the appliances that provide all the creature comforts we desire. But if you live in a humid place, even all of this may fail to make you completely comfortable in your space, and a dehumidifier could change that for you


With a refrigerator style dehumidifier,  moisture is removed by removing cooling the air. Air is brought into the unit through an intake and passed through a filter to remove particles of dust, dirt, and allergens that can be detrimental to health and bothersome to underlying illnesses. A fan pushes the air over a set of coils that cool the air, which makes the moisture in it condense and collect into a water collection tank. Then, the dry air, which has been cooled, is blown back into the ambient space by a fan.


whole house dehumidifier is a centralized unit that works much like an air conditioner, clearing the entire home space of excess humidity. These fixed units are more expensive and require installation by a professional, with requirements that they are connected to the duct work that is already installed for central air and heating purposes.