As we know exercises are important for good health when ever we do exercise it makes us more energetic and more active these are very important for our life. we decides to deliver you best home cardio workout that can be performed anywhere and any time.

Our team figure out some cool ways to do exercise at home which will help to achieve your health goal and keep you smart and look smart


This is a full body workout which will increase your heart rate and let the blood flow in every part of body properly this is also told by our professional expert that we should start exercise from jumping. so there are 3 steps to do this its also called site straddles.

  1. Stand with legs and arm together start jumping
  2. You must have good pair of shoes
  3. Its doesn’t required any special equipment.


This is very popular exercise for legs. legs exercise is very important exercise but no one loves to do this exercise. but when it comes to free squat jump its easy to do. there are simple steps you need to follow.

  1. Stand up and join your legs and keep your hand stable.
  2. Start doing squat and bend your needs an
  3. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees in squat.
  4. Swing your arm and jump at upward.


This exercise is running at one place you required minimal space to do this exercise. it can done by old as well as young persons we must teach your children to start home workout.

  1. Stand with legs and arms at side
  2. Lift your knees towards the legs and repeat
  3. alternatively perform this with leg.

These are the best exercises that anyone can perform at home it doesn’t required any special tool to perform the exercise just keep simple things in mind be careful while performing the exercise, these can be performed in every case like person suffering from diabetes, or even a women is pregnant any one can do these best home cardio workout at home. if you want to add more let us know in comments. know more about aerobic exercise check on wikipedia.